Obtaining an enforceable title for uncontested monetary claims: parallels between Macedonian and Spanish Law

Tatjana Zoroska Kamilovska, Milka Rakočević


One of the rather challenging tasks for many policymakers in Europe over the last decades regarding the reforms of the judicial system has been the establishment of efficient procedural instruments for recovery of claims, particularly the uncontested ones. Due to the fact that considerable part of initiated court proceedings in many European countries are not those over a dispute of fact or law, but those where the creditor must address the court in order to obtain an enforceable title against the debtor due to his unwillingness or inability to pay, the need for existence of a quality system of certification of uncontested claims is more than obvious. The existence of such a system is essential for the proper functioning of the judicial system as a whole for several reasons. It provides for an early stage distinction between actual (truly contentious) and “unreal” (where no real legal dispute exists) disputes in the proceedings which allows the latter to proceed on a separate, fast-track procedure. It produces more rational use of the scarce resources allocated to the courts. The courts are concentrated on “real” dispute adjudication within a reasonable time, while the settlement of “unreal” disputes is modified to the needs of their efficient resolution. A procedural legislation that ensures efficient and speedy adjudication of uncontested claims is also a deciding factor in the prevention of huge backlogs in the courts.



Monetary claims, Macedonia, Spain

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